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  • What do you mean by "female voice?""
    Female voice includes, but is not limited to, people that identify as female, cis-gender, genderqueer, gender fluid, agender or gender neutral.
  • Does WOMENSPEAK Training only offer programs for women?
    WOMENSPEAK Training has programs that are fully gender-inclusive*; *those that idenitify as masculine, feminine, genderqueer (queer, fluid, or non-binary gender identity), agender (neutral or non-existent gender identity and/or expression), cisgender and transgender. We have public communications training programs for everyone — including media training, public speaking coaching, and communications management. "Womens Only Programs" are open to all female-identifying and non-binary individuals. These programs are specifically for those looking to build experience speaking in public in a supportive, closed environment of other speakers who face similar potential bias when speaking. Please contact us for more information.
  • Where are the online resources mentioned in the WOMENSPEAK Training session I attended and/or in the WOMENSPEAK Training Take-Home Kit I received?
    WOMENSPEAK Training's blog is our online resource for women and public communication. The website is Our blog's aim is to consolidate footage, articles and discussion of women in the public arena: to catalogue and explore issues of credibility and persuasion, reaction and response, and the technical aspects of communicating with the public via a variety of media.
  • Does WOMENSPEAK Training offer individualized executive coaching?
    WOMENSPEAK Training provides tailored programs and private sessions for executives or anyone looking for custom-made, in-depth communications training. The training sessions are created to focus entirely around the needs of the individual executive, the company they represent, the issues at hand — all designed and delivered in the most thorough and expeditious way possible. Contact us, and let WOMENSPEAK Training design an Executive Coaching Package that is custom made to your executive's needs.
  • Does WOMENSPEAK Training work with students?
    Yes! We believe the skills we teach are of vital importance both to young women and women in any kind of school environment. Our programs can be tailored to complement curricula from middle school/junior high to graduate and professional schools. Contact us for more details —
  • I work for a non-profit or volunteer organization. Isn't a training like this too expensive for a group like mine?
    No! WOMENSPEAK Training makes every effort to accommodate women and organizations from all walks of professional life. In addition to discounts for non-profits, volunteer organizations and schools, WOMENSPEAK Training programs can be used to help organizations raise money for a cause. Contact us for more details —
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