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Qinyao Li

Marketing Strategy Intern


Qinyao Li is an intern at WOMENSPEAK Training. 

She is currently a Junior at Vassar College with a major in Asian Studies and minors in Arabic Language and Literature as well as Computer Science. She speaks three languages including Mandarin, Arabic, and English. She is planning on furthering her Arabic language skill by pursing a master in Arabic translation in Qatar. She is currently working on her senior thesis which examines Arab Muslim women’s experience in seeking divorce in conjunction with issues and topics of Islamic family law (Sharia), feminism, and colonialism. 


At WOMENSPEAK Training, she works to enhance the company’s marketing strategy by increasing its online visibility and presence through social media platforms. She wishes to use her internship opportunity with WOMENSPEAK Training to give voices to women from all backgrounds and also to connect female voices across cultures.

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